7 Interesting Statistics in Online Marketing

Check out some interesting stats in digital and online marketing that we’ve been able to gather this week. These statistics include the best mobile app features, Google+ and analytics, mobile search and digital marketing spending.

Digital marketing/online marketing fuels boosts in Q2 advertisement budget

Digital/internet marketing was found to be the prime motivator that sparked a significant increase in Q2 2013 advertisement spending according to the latest IPA Bellwether report. In general, digital marketing and internet advertising budgets soared with more than 20 percent of online businesses reporting significant increases which translate to a net balance of more than 7 percent which is the highest since 2007.

In-app purchases and exclusive content – a vital feature in mobile apps

Mobile app consumers appreciate exclusive content and offers when making retail app purchases. Over 35 percent of mobile app consumers believe that it is a must-have feature for any successful smart phone app. Other key features include:

  • In-app purchases (32 percent)
  • Loyalty programs (3o percent)
  • Store Locator (26 percent)
  • Reserve and Collect feature (21 percent)

The reselling of digital purchases – a growing demand for consumers

Studies conducted by WorldPay – a coordinated payment processing service provider for businesses, reveals a strong demand from consumers to be able to resell digital purchases which includes games, eBooks and other digital content. More than 80 percent of digital content consumers in China showed a strong interest to resell followed by 78 percent of consumers from Korea, 66 percent from consumers in India and approximately 49 percent of users in the UK.

Mobile web advertising fuels more than 18 percent of affiliate marketing revenue

Mobile devices like tablets and smart phones are now the source of almost ¼ of the entire traffic being generated by affiliate marketers. That is huge 600 percent increase within a period of less than 2 years! Industry reports by the Affiliate Window reveal that more than 20 percent of traffic and over 18 percent of sales are derived from avid users of various mobile devices.

More than half of online marketing businesses now depend on Google for site analytics

Over 55 percent of businesses online now depend solely on Google Analytics for keeping track of website performance while more than 10 percent don’t utilize any web analytics at all. This information was recently revealed by Lycnhpin/Econsultancy in their new 2013 online measurement and strategy report. It’s a big development from way back 2009 when barely 23 percent reportedly bothers with such tools at all.

Perhaps the biggest motivator behind such a statistic is Yahoo’s decision to axe its free web analytics tool last 2011.

Over 1 million mobile apps were developed in 2012

A research study conducted by eBay reveals that developing mobile applications in connection with a service or product being offered have more than 40 percent chance of being launched successfully. That amounts to almost 73,000 retail mobile apps introduced in app stores last 2012. Most of those apps were informative in nature with about 18 percent of them providing options for consumer purchases which highlights the significance of 24/7 mobile shopping..

The eBay study also found that around 64 percent of mobile apps in the development phase last year never saw completion or were rejected by app stores. This translates to more than $4.78 billion dollars in losses for app developers worldwide.

A simple mobile app can cost more than $18,000 on average with more complex ones costing more than $83,000 on conservative estimates.

Google+ is now the second most used social network online

Google+ takes its place this year as the 2nd most used social network online with a share of 34 percent of social network users according to a study conducted by Janrain – a company that develops software for managing social media for businesses. Facebook still takes the dominant lead with 46 percent of social log-ins although Google is keen to change that in the next few years,

Small businesses are overlooking social media

Living Social recently published a report warning small business that they are possibly leaving a lot of money on the table (about $836.54 million) by not making the best use of social media. The report was the result of an extensive study on 500 SMEs in Ireland and the UK and reveals that more than 65 percent of small businesses are overlooking social media and its marketing potential.

What are your thoughts about these latest online marketing and Internet advertising statistics that we’ve uncovered?

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