Industry Study Reveals Massive Growth in Mobile Internet Advertising Ads

Mobile internet advertising ads experiences surge in growth over the last year

Worldwide spending on ads for mobile internet advertising soared more than 80 percent for an all time high of $8.9 billion last 2012. It’s a remarkable figure unveiled by an industry study which culminated last Tuesday (July 9, 2013).

IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) states that the result of the study hints at massive growth occurring throughout the mobile online marketing industry. Anna Bager – Vice President and General Manager of IAB goes on to state that “Mobile is coming into its own as a power house advertising medium”. It’s a bold statement and one that the digital advertising industry cannot afford to overlook.

The huge and on-going growth evident in the mobile ad industry paves an exciting and promising frontier for marketing and business communication. Over half of the all that spending went to paid ads or search ads directed to search engine queries while the rest went to message ads accounting for 8.5 percent and more than 38 percent for display ads according to a study by the IAB. The bureau also pointed out that most of the mobile ad revenue was generated from the Asia-Pacific region (40.3 percent) while the rest came from North America (39.8 percent) and Western Europe (16.9 percent).

What drove the surge in growth for mobile ad revenue?

The biggest factor behind the massive growth in mobile advertising is the growing popularity of sophisticated 4th generation mobile networks and devices which enable users worldwide to spend a great deal of their time going online using a wide range of mobile internet-capable devices. Google Inc. acquired half the mobile web advertising revenue in 2012 and is bent on improving its market share even further this year.

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