Ways to Measure Success in Internet Advertising through Google Analytics

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Making sense out of of Internet advertising statistics

As the old saying goes – you can’t improve what you aren’t measuring and the same thing certainly applies to Internet advertising. Results are everything when it comes to web advertising and you’d want to make sure that you’re getting more than you’re actually putting into your online advertising campaigns. After all, isn’t that whole point going into business for yourself?

So how do you measure results in internet advertising?

Results justifies Internet advertising costs and there’s more to it than just page rank. Sure its a good indicator of profitable SEO and a higher page rank translates to more traffic right? However there are a bunch of other Internet advertising statistics that is just as important and are all well worth looking into.

Now it’s not that difficult, all the information that you need are freely accessible through Google Analytics. You just need to know exactly what to look out for:

Organic search traffic

This may seem like a no-brainer but you might be surprised how often people make the mistake of not measuring organic search volume. Information that is readily accessible through the “channel grouping” option on Analytics. This information is important as a decline in web traffic does not necessarily mean you organic search traffic is down. For all you know, the latter may be increasing and it is your other traffic sources that are declining.

Failing to measure organic traffic often misleads people into stopping areas of their web marketing strategies that is otherwise serving them well or cutting ties with their firm believing that they are not making good on their Internet advertising rates. Costly mistakes that you would want to avoid. More importantly, how well you’re doing in terms of organic search will serve as the backbone of your online advertising campaigns as it helps you pinpoint crucial information such as:

  • Your top landing pages
  • The keywords that are bringing you the most traffic
  • The sources of your website traffic
  • Prominent exit pages (the last web page visitors were on)
  • And many more!


Traffic Quality

Yet another important factor that you’d want consider when measuring the success of your internet advertising campaign is the quality of all the traffic that you’re getting. How do you measure something so subjective?

Now measuring the quality of your online marketing campaign need not be difficult and its again something that you can freely do with Google Analytics. An increase or decline in traffic quality can be measured via the “assisted conversions” report found under the “Conversions” tab. The report compares conversions from the previous month and shows instances of traffic and how much of those are actually converting following a search.

Why should any of these matter you ask? Aren’t you better off trying to get as much traffic as you could? Traffic is indeed important but there’s definitely more to it than just the number of views your website is getting in a month. For example your traffic might remain high but if you see a decline in conversions then that tells you that you need to do a better job at qualifying your incoming traffic.

So there you have it – a few of the ways that you can measure how well your online marketing campaign is doing via Google Analytics. Would you like to learn more? Call Internet Advertising Australia today on 1300 855 667 and arrange a consultation with one of our Internet advertising experts!

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